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All Stagmar boats are designed and manufactured under the strictest standards for maximum endurance, safery and best looks.

Take for example the new Stagmar line-up, Xcel.

The modern construction method of Stagmar Xcel boats start with isofthalic polyester with high quality reinforced gelcoat with a special treatment for increased resistance against time, sun UV as well as against all forces that effect the boat during cruising.
Then, the boats are reinforced into their sides with the advanced material coremat for maximum endurance and safety.
Under their floors we use American cell foam, and not wood, resulting in boats with maximum durability and lowest possible weight for increased performance.
Then we add layers of American Roving combined which increase even further the hull durability and performance while keeping the weight low. All water outputs are reinforced with special sea wood.

All steel parts of the boats are from real high quality Inox and their aluminum parts are heavy duty sea type.
Then, the deck and the hull are glued internally with glass fibre and polyester which make the boats completely rigid.
Particular attention is given to the design of all parts of the boats, especially to their unique design V hulls aiming at quick planning, excellent cruising quality as well as performance even at bad weather conditions.

The special production methods of all Stagmar Boats promise low weight and excellent performance.
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