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Xcel 670 Sundeck

Every day is a holiday with the unique Xcel 670 Sundeck.

This boat represents the best of Stagmar’s new philosophy for 2006. Its smart design makes the 670 Sundeck an excellent combination of an open and a cabin boat. 670 Sundeck offers the best of both worlds.

Externally, a sports boat, differentiating from competition with top-class performance, its unique styling, design and quality. Internally, it combines the practicality of a cabin which can sleep 3 people and also 4 people on the cockpit. Above the cabin there is a huge sundeck for tanning and relaxation. The rest of the boat spaces are designed for maximum comfort and relaxation. Its Π-shape stern “couch seat” invites you for conversation.

Choose the real teak wood floor for real luxury sensation (optional equipment) and also electric WC, sink and shower system for maximum autonomy during your travels.

Xcel 670 Sundeck
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