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Pro 555 Open Fishing
The two sides of “fun”. Based on the same hull, with the difference of their deck design, 555 Open Fishing and Bow Rider are two beautiful and versatile boats. Very wide, designed with big storage compartments as well as open spacesfor comfortable fishing, they can hold all your “toys”, your family, your friends and any “fun factor” you can imagine. Ideal for one-day excursions.
If you are more of an adrenaline type of person, or you are in the boat license school business, the Bow Rider wakes up all your aspirations. If you are more of a quiet weekend type of personor you have a passion about fishing, then the Open Fishing is exactly what you were looking for. Their optional equipment includes shower system, roll bar, ladder, cockpit table and many other accessories.
Pro 555 Open Fishing
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