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Eco 500

The first “new generation” fishing boat in the market is a reality by Stagmar. Stagmar presents, for 2006 its ultimate multi-purpose model, the new 500 Eco. The flagship of the Eco line steps into the future based on the latest developments of the naval technology and with one thing in mind: its owners’ true flexibility and satisfaction.

 The new 500 Eco is the perfect combination between a regular speed leisure boat and a fishing boat, making it the ultimate tool not only for fishing but also for leisure and sea traveling. Its big dimensions and especially its width, its riding stability and its comfortable spaces makes it also the ultimate boat for boating rental companies.

 Its deep-V hull, inspired as well by expensive American true speed boats has the result of great performance even in harsh weather conditions and also a smooth and trouble-free spray-free ride. Its extremely big width and its console on the right creates an ideal huge open deck space. The rider seat, which is also a storage compartment as well as the “smart” storage compartments (2 huge compartments in the bow and 2 in stern as well as a small storage space in the back) will make your life easier in your big and small explorations.



Finally, if you wish to transform your 500 Eco into a closed cabin boat we offer the specially designed bimini top and also the hydraulic steering system as optional equipment.



Eco 500
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