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ECO 590 Cabin Fish
The all-new, for 2007, Eco 590 Cabin Fish shows the design concept Stagmar will follow the next years to come. Its smooth lines along with the specially designed polyester top make the new Stagmar very different from its competition, and all this with a lot of style.
Stagmar Eco 590 Cabin Fish is designed and constructed under the latest developments in nautical technology and design. The result is a very spacious speed cabin boat with great width, stability and excellent build quality. The hull’s special design is resulting in a great performance and ability even with lower horsepower engines.
The very high and spacious cabin offers great comfort to the whole family while its very “reach” basic equipment (including nautical electrical toilet, inox bath ladder, fuel tank, specially designed polyester top etc) can only be compared with boats of bigger categories.
At any point of view, the new Stagmar 590 Cabin Fish is perhaps the most stylish boat in its category, either for fishing and unique moments with your friends or just for fun with your family.
ECO 590 Cabin Fish
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