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Xcel 670 Walkaround
Fasten your ski rope, put on your flippers, unfold your towel or just put on your sunglasses and go. The new 670 Walkaround has all the features you and your family want. Beatiful, smooth lines, ergonomic design, top quality and special V hull for maximum performance.
The unique Xcel 670 Walkaround combines the style of a sport offshore boat with the practicality of a bigger V fishing boat resulting in a special model very difficult to compare it with competition. Easy access to the whole deck, a lot of storage compartments are only some of its features. It includes, amongst others, a cabin hatch in its standard equipment. Its optional equipment includes real teak wood floor, Inox portholes, sink, toilet, cooker and many other amenities.
Xcel 670 Walkaround
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